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Quick Intro

The Health Identifier and PCEHR System (HIPS) is middleware which enables the seamless integration of Digital Health systems with national Digital Health infrastructure services, such as the Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI Service), the My Health Record system, Secure Message Delivery (SMD) systems and National Directory Services (NHSD, NEPS).

HIPS offers standards-based interfaces to simplify the connection with systems like patient administration systems, clinical information systems, and laboratory and radiology information systems. It is aimed primarily at supporting large-scale Digital Health environments typically found in organisations such as hospitals and diagnostic service providers, however, it is also suitable for direct integration with Digital Health products.

There are a number of key business flows that occur within Digital Health in Australia. The following diagram displays HIPS interfacing between Hospitals & Healthcare providers with the national Digital Health infrastructure.

Digital health business flows for HIPS

Given the technical nature of HIPS, the Agency does not publicly publish developer guides on this topic. To begin integrating HIPS you can downloaded the latest release below and request access to our online documentation by emailing [email protected] and requesting access to the following collaborate space https://collaborate.digitalhealth.gov.au/display/HIPSP/. Our HIPS support team are also available to answer any questions that you have and undertake initial discussions to help your with your integration.




HIPS v8.0 Released

The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) has released a new major release of its HIPS middleware product - HIPS v8.0